Sipadan Island


If you wish for an unforgettable holiday somewhere in a little natural heaven, where the breathtaking scenery surprises you every minute, then the Sipadan Island is the right place to go. This dream destination will take your mind off work, stress and problems during your vacation under the sun.

Pulau Sipadan, as locals call it, is not only a wonderful spot for a peaceful vacation, but also one of the most wanted places in the world for a great diving experience. Even more, the fabulous Sipadan hosts a stunning variety of animals and plants, including rare species of turtles and the outstanding coral reefs. Overall, this is virtually a natural paradise, where you will definitely have the time of your life.

Pulau Sipadan History

SipadanDiscovered and fully valued by the famous Jacques-Yves Cousteau as “an untouched piece of art”, Pulau Sipadan is probably the best-known island in Malaysia. When talking about geophysical origins, you should probably know that Sipadan actually consists of corals, which makes it an atoll. These marine life forms have gathered in an amazing way, building an island. Another important aspect in the history of Sipadan is that the island is a natural sanctuary ever since 1933.

How to get to Sipadan Island

Sipadan Island DivingGetting to Sipadan requires preparation and bookings. After arriving to Malaysia, you will have to reach Kota Kinabalu and then fly to Tawau, where you can take a ride to Semporna. This will not be your last stop, since Semporna is where you will have to take the boat and get to your dream destination. If you want to spend time in Sipadan, make sure that everything is ready and waiting for you, since you have a long way ahead of yourself.

Sipadan Island Diving

Sipadan IslandThere are many things that Sipadan is world renowned for, one of which is the extraordinary diving conditions that it offers. Apart from its 12 special diving spots, the island provides you with trained instructors and top quality equipment, everything you need in order to dive safely in the clear waters of the ocean. Even more, the spectacular view of underwater life will make Sipadan Island diving feel like the adventure of a lifetime.

Accommodation and resorts

Pulau Sipadan Water VillageBecause it is such an important place for the marine flora and fauna, the authorities have decided to protect Sipadan by getting full time inhabitants out of the island. This is why you will not be able to lodge in Sipadan on your holiday, but you will surely find a nice resort on Mabul island or Kapalai island.

If you are looking for adventure, adrenaline and excitement, as well as stunning sceneries and the beauty of nature, Sipadan is the perfect place to go. This unique place in the Malaysian ocean waters will ensure you the right atmosphere to feel like you will never find a place as marvelous as the Sipadan Island.

Sipadan Facts

  • Currency: Malaysian Ringgit approx 3MYR to 1USD
  • Language: Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese, although you would be hard pressed to find someone who doesn't speak English.
  • Food Prices:In Semporna a seafood platter for 4 people can cost under 100RM(approx 28USD). Resort prices may vary
  • Alcohol Prices: 3 bottles of beer can cost under 30RM(approx 9USD) and a bottle of wine starts from 60RM(approx 18USD) in Semporna. Resort prices may vary
  • Sipadan Island:Got its name from the word Siparan which refers to a person who has been found restless on the island's beach.

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