Mabul Island


The Mabul Island is the number one spot you should be looking for if you have a very demanding job and a large family to take care of. You probably want your holiday to make you feel relaxed and to have an energetic comeback, so this dream island situated to the East of Sabah is all you need, whether you want a whole week of resting in the sun or an amazing underwater adventure.

Mabul is an island belonging to Malaysia, very close to Sipadan, one of the most renowned places in the world when it comes to scuba diving. Even though the Mabul Island does not strike you in size, since it only takes half an hour to go through every corner, you will find a wide variety of attractions. Locals are living right next to the tourist resorts, so you will be able to get in touch with them and find out about their lifestyle.

Pulau Mabul History

Mabul IslandAs well as its close relative Sipadan, Mabul is an island that has formed from coral reef, which makes it an atoll. Ever since Jacques-Yves Cousteau discovered Sipadan and its enormous value as a natural sanctuary for marine life and other animals, Mabul is supporting tourism and other activities in the area. Actually, Mabul Island is where almost all the Sipadan tourists and divers come looking for accommodation, because there are no resorts, hotels or camping sites in Sipadan.

How to get to Mabul Island

Mabul IslandAfter you get to Malaysia, the next step is flying to Tawau. There are direct flights to Tawau from Kuala Lumpur, as well as from Kota Kinabalu, but you should pay attention to your timing if you want to go scuba diving from the first day. From Tawau, you will take a 1-hour ride to Semporna, where a speedboat will take you to Mabul. Whatever route you choose, you should always keep in touch with your hotel or resort. If anything goes wrong, you should have someone’s phone number in order to solve the situation.

Mabul Island Diving

Sipadan Island DivingSipadan Island is by far the most important diving site in the region and one of the best in the world. However, the Mabul Island can offer you an interesting alternative if you find Sipadan too crowded. Mabul is itself renowned for the opportunities of underwater photography, since the amazing reefs around the island offer excellent conditions for taking pictures. If Sipadan stands for world class diving, the Mabul diving conditions are also high quality and the island provides you with outstanding views as well.

The Mabul Island Resorts

Pulau MabulMabul offers a wide variety of resorts, depending on where you want to stay, how much money you have and what kind of people you want to know. There are luxurious bungalows, where you can enjoy candle lit dinners and get fantastic spa treatments, as well as lovely simple chalets near the water. Whatever Mabul resort you choose, you cannot be disappointed, since the Mabul Island is specialized in making guests feel like in paradise.

If you wish to stay on Mabul Island you have a few different choices:

Sipadan Facts

  • Currency: Malaysian Ringgit approx 3MYR to 1USD
  • Language: Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese, although you would be hard pressed to find someone who doesn't speak English.
  • Food Prices:In Semporna a seafood platter for 4 people can cost under 100RM(approx 28USD). Resort prices may vary
  • Alcohol Prices: 3 bottles of beer can cost under 30RM(approx 9USD) and a bottle of wine starts from 60RM(approx 18USD) in Semporna. Resort prices may vary
  • Sipadan Island:Got its name from the word Siparan which refers to a person who has been found restless on the island's beach.

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